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Digital Media Wire produces the industry’s most prestigious executive conferences and events. Participants are “industry insiders” and senior decision-makers at the leading media, entertainment and technology companies, investment bankers, venture capitalists, advertisers, educators, policy-makers and legal professionals. For information about event sponsorships, please click here.

To receive periodic event updates and announcements, please click here. To submit a speaker, please click here. If you are interested in sponsorship or would like more information, please contact:

Tinzar Sherman

VP of Business Development

Email: tinzar[at]

Tel. 310-855-0033 ext. 702


February 10-12, 2015
Digital Entertainment World
Los Angeles, CA
May 2015
LA Games Conference
Los Angeles, CA
September 2015
New York, NY
September 2015
NY Games Conference
Los Angeles, CA
September 2015
DMW Music
Los Angeles, CA
September 2015
DMW Video
Los Angeles, CA

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