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Jewelry Company Sues Chris Crocker for Fraud
/ October 5, 2007 6:44 pm

Chris Crocker finds himself the defendant in a $1 million Lawsuit“All you people want is more, more, more, more, more!” said Chris Crocker in what is surely one of the most infamous video rants of the YouTube era (watch again here).  Now Britney Spears’ #1 fan is facing the realities of stardom, and it has nothing to do with the deal he signed for his own TV series (read about it).  Apparently Crocker had a deal with Onch Movement Jewelry that obligated him to promote its line and, well, all Chris wanted was more, more, more, more, more!

Crocker also appears to lack any sort of representation: The 19-year-old lives with his grandparents in Tennessee, and perhaps it was the advice of his grandmother to trade his obligations to Onch for…and no, we’re not making this up…a plane ticket to LA.

In exchange, Crocker would, according to the complaint, “wear solely Onch Movement Jewelry during the duration of his stay in LA,” “do two days of press,” and would “mention that he was flown out by Plaintiff for the press campaign (a shout-out was deemed sufficient by Plaintiff.”  Who knew the American justice system officially recognized the meaning of the term “shout out?!” Crocker was also obligated to attend the “Just Britney Art Show.”

Could someone get Crocker a representative?  In exchange for all of that he agreed to a plane ticket?! 

How, exactly, Crocker didn’t live up to his end of the bargain is unclear (unless you’re a lawyer, I suppose).  Either way, he somehow “deceived” Onch into believing that he would live up to his end of the deal when, apparently he had “no intention” of doing so.

And because of the damage this has done to Onch’s reputation, they’re seeking $1 million (side note: Until Onch sued Chris Crocker, did they even have a reputation?).  The head of marketing at Onch was either served a pink slip this week or was promoted to CEO.

Welcome to Hollywood, Chris! 

Something tells me we’re only scratching the surface of the Chris Crocker Experience.  Buckle your seatbelts.

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  • So your saying Chris was made to sign a bunch of shit without knowing exactly what he was supposed to do. Ok he was givin the contract. Hes how old and made the decision he fucked the company over and deserves this. Weather is was clear to him or not, HE SIGNED THE CONTRACT. I hope this destroys his chance to get a tv show. This kid is fucked up, along with the thousands of fans. Just remember what he said WHO CARS ABOUT 9/11.

  • Besides.. how does 9/11 killings add up to all the killings that US have done over the past few decades.

    “Gimme gimme more OIL!”

  • Who gives a flying fuck?

  • Wow, and i thought i am having problems… I guess this is happening when you finally get the media attention.I understand “being a celebrity” can make you act insane, but still, i wonder what was Chris thinking when he made such a deal with that jewelry company. Someone should help him get better, seriously, otherwise i am sure we are going to hear about him again.

  • Don’t know if he is in life a piece of shit, but on the photo he really is.

  • Very good news to hear your not retiring. But if you ever decide to do the movie, there is a guy in an Alice Cooper tribute in Toronto named Robby Cooper of Second Coming that is dead on, in voice, looks and manorisms. He is so close that he would even freak out the Coop himself.

  • I’m assuming Chris was made to sign a bunch of shit without knowing exactly what he was supposed to do. They probably never made it clear too him what his obligations where, I smell a fraudulent lawsuit. As for not attending the Just Britney Art Show, Chris received death threats if he went, so he’s 100% not guilty there.

  • Also, he was at the art show.

  • Where can I buy a domain to point wayward readers to their very own Facetiousness Radar, as you apparently have a monopoly on this commodity?

  • Why is that people want to cheat…When they have hands legs and health

  • He DOES have a rep. if you did some research. There are links all over his MySpace page with his agent on it. So much for snarky reporting.

  • Pebbles, you apparently lack a Facetiousness Radar. You can buy one at:

  • I hope Chris will be successful in his career. Now he has
    an agent, so he will be protected by people like that.

  • I hope Chris will be successful in his career. Now he has
    an agent, so he will be protected by people like that.

  • From now on, this little queer will find his end. Bye Bye Mr Crocker, be sure we WON’T miss you…

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